Fender Tone Master Pro

"Fender Tone Master Pro, Multi Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass, Provides the amazing sound quality that series is known for, combined with a powerful, intuitive user interface, Over 100 popular amps and effects, including all of classic models first officially licensed EVH 5150 III Stealth model, Thousands of built in Impulse Responses a variety of cabinet microphone options, 3rd Party IR support, 7"" Colour touch screen, Innovative Song


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Mooer GE1000 Amp Modelling & Multi

Mooer GE1000 Amp Modelling & Multi, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Bass, Huge selection of guitar effects, preamps simulations with support MNRS sample files, Effects signal chain fully adjustable modifiable, High quality 5 inch touchscreen intuitive user interface, 255 User presets, Groove station a drum machine a looper sync function, AI controlled automatic equaliser, Professional low latency ASIO USB audio (USB Type C) up to 192 kHz rate,


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Fender Mustang LT25 Blonde

"Fender Mustang LT25 Blonde, Combo for Electric Guitar, Limited Edition, Power: 25 W, Equipped with: 1 x 8"" speaker, New signal processor, 50 Factory presets, 30 User Controls Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Preset select, Buttons: Back, Save, Menu, Tap Tempo Tuner, 20 Amp types, 25 Effects, USB port recording and firmware updates, Stereo aux input, Headphone output, Colour: Blonde"


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Cisco Systems C9105AXW E point d'accès réseaux locaux sans fil Gris

Cisco C9105AXW E.LAN Ethernet : taux de transfert des données: 10,100,1000 Mbit s, Standards réseau: IEEE 802.11a, 802.11ac, 802.11g, Type MIMO: Multi User MIMO.Couleur du produit: Gris, Pays d'origine: Mexique.Type d'antenne: Interne.Largeur: 90 mm, Profondeur: 160 Hauteur: 32,7 mm.Largeur du colis: 220,7 du 239,8 du 69,8 mm Offre exclusivement réservée professionnels


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Novation Launchkey 88

"Novation Launchkey 88, Clavier maître USB MIDI, 88 grandes touches semi lestées, 16 pads RGB sensibles à la vélocité, 8 boutons rotatifs, 9 faders de 45 mm, Contrôle de transport, Molettes de Pitch Bend et Modulation, Arpégiateur intégré avec mode Strum, Modes Scale et Chord: Fixed, Scale, User, Accès direct à ""Capture MIDI"" dans Ableton, Recording"" Logic et ""Retrospective Record"" Cubase, Ecran 2 x 16 caractères, Port USB, Sortie


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Enttec S Play Nano

Enttec S Play Nano, Show Recorder and Playback Control, Supports live recording playback via the DMX for 1 complete universe with 512 channels, Records cues from sources added benefit of a value monitor, Creates gradient effect using integrated generator, User friendly web interface simple configuration options editing events triggers, Allows users to create up to 4 playlists consisting of a maximum of 4 cues, including static, dynamic Sends up to


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Aruba R9B28A point d'accès réseaux locaux sans fil 4800 Mbit s Blanc

Aruba R9B28A.Débit de transfert des données maximum: 4800 Mbit s, Standards réseau: IEEE 802.11ax, Type MIMO: Multi User MIMO.Algorithme de sécurité soutenu: WPA2, WPA3.Positionnement: Plafond, Mur, Couleur du produit: Blanc.Type d'antenne: Interne.Largeur: 200 mm, Profondeur: 45 Hauteur: mm Offre exclusivement réservée aux professionnels


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Cisco Systems C9130AXI E point d'accès réseaux locaux sans fil 5380

Sécurité intégréeOpérations simplifiéesCompatibilité avec le cloud Cisco C9130AXI E.Débit de transfert des données maximum: 5380 Mbit s, LAN Ethernet : taux de données: 100,1000,2500,5000 s, Type MIMO: Multi User MIMO.Couleur du produit: Blanc.Type d'antenne: Interne, de direction Omni directionnel, Niveau de gain de l'antenne (max): 6 dBi.Mémoire flash: 1024 Mo, interne: 2048 Mo.Largeur: 226 mm, Profondeur: Hauteur: 48 mm Offre exclusivement


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Flamma FX150 Multi FX Grey

Flamma FX150 Multi FX Grey, Muli Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Large touchscreen, 160 Classic & modern high quality effects & AMP simulation models, 180 Editable user slots, 30 Different guitar cabinet amp emulations, 80 Drum machine & 10 metronome variations, Fully functioning 52 seconds Looper, Chromatic tuner, 3 Footswithes, Aux audio input, USB interface connectivity PC editing and direct recording to computer, Headphone output silent practice,


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McDSP SA 3 Spectral Processor Native

McDSP SA 3 Spectral Processor Native (ESD); spectral processor plugin; removes unwanted resonances and spikes from the audio signal utilising over 1000 bands; precisely adjustable bias curve determines intensity of processing in various frequency user friendly GUI with metering to visualize curve, suppressed or processed output signal; monitor allows to listen to isolated side chain function targeted attenuation of components depending on key mid


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